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Scotts 4x comments:
Load the 06 to the same pressure you are seeing in the .308 and watch is very quickly walk away from the .308.

the reason manufactured ammo is loaded to such a low pressure number is so it won't blow up a garand.

Modern 06 rifles will no doubt handle the same chamber pressure as its same model of rifle in .308, and make the .308 seem meager in comparison.
I think you need to recheck your information sources. What you've stated disagrees with what I've observed and found out; especially the manufactured ammo being low pressure to be safe in Garands. Military 7.62 and commercial .308 Win. ammo used in Garands was never loaded to low pressures. In fact, it had higher peak pressures than .30-06 ammo.

Note also that Garand barrels were proof tested with the same peak pressure .30-06 loads as commercial factory sporting rifles.

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