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A sleeve for a cartridge?

First post so: hi everyone, happy to be here, been snooping around these forums for years and I just decided to join the fun.

Now, for the matter at hand. I shoot a lot and repair firearms as a hobby. I also reload a lot, for myself and anybody caring to ask politely. All I ask in return is 10% of what I reload so if I get the material for 1000 rounds, it's owner gets 900 rounds back. I rarely complete the extra 10% as most often, I do not own a gun of whatever caliber I'm asked to reload. As such, I have a nice stockpile of loose powder, primers and bullets (I also often return the casings to their owner as they are fired brass in their rifles and most are wildcats anyway).

As I thought about ways to use all this, after a few beer, I got a somewhat wild idea. What if I had a rifle, swap barrel with a very large chamber that was made to accept a sleeve instead of a cartridge? I could use any cartridge as long as I had a sleeve for it (which is not really hard to come by if I make the chamber same as a 12ga as there are already an insane amount of sleeves for those) but could also have some sleeves made that you just reload like a cartridge (straight walled I guess) so that you prime the back of the sleeve and fill it with loose powder and sit a bullet in. I guessed such a rifle would need a strong action like either bolt or falling block.

Does this idea make any sense or I'm just taking a ticket for the Darwin awards?
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