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I started out with an old rusty rockchucker that was passed through the family. It work flawlessly for years for me. A few years ago I decided I wanted something shiney and new so I passed it on to a relative. I was going to go progressive but at the last minute I picked up a new hornady single. Its been great as well. I actually prefer the hornady design a touch better than the RC. I was looking a lee. The "non-cast" presses felt very hokey to me. However, I personally know alot of people who use the non cast lees with great results. One guy I run into all the time at the range uses one of those $25 lee C frame presses and he knocks out great ammo. Ultimately I think press brand is more of an elite-ist status type thing. If youre fine with lee then I think it will serve you well. The single stage presses from lee will probably work no better or worse than any other brand. When you are talking about progressives, Dillon has definately built the "better mouse trap".
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