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Originally Posted by Crow Hunter
Ah. I see now. Thanks for the video.

That is annoying. I almost grabbed one of these when I picked up my last M&P15-22.

I am glad I didn't now. I don' like that at all.

I would definitely swap to a new base. Unless you could drag it off the front and get it off.

I would rather have something that had levers or at least thumbscrews that I could take off without tools so I could use the BUIS.
Nikons cost cutting measures. That is the new style mount that comes with the P223's. The original M223 mounts could be either 20moa or straight and had a tilt off mount.

One would think that a person making a youtube vid about a scope mount would know the difference between 1 inch and 30 millimeters, and that a Picitinny rail and 1913 rail are one in the same.

The OP's mount is best used with airsoft.

There are several tilt off mounts that cost the same or less than that Nikon, and are better quality. QD's are best but thumb screws well do.
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