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3D printing a lower receiver for personal use

We all know it has been done. There is soon to be a new Make bot and I have considered trying to build a 3D printer of my own. As part of a business, but...

If I do either and their are lower receiver plans available, and there are, it seems I could print a polymer lower for something like $5 in materials, whatever electric, and the legal costs.

Also considering making a pistol receiver for Rossi Wizard as it seems importation is impossible so I will never see one(not polymer printed on this one though).

Actually I could probably come up with 100 projects I would like to try out. Anyways...

Are there legal costs? DO I need to file papers with ATFE? I have read several places doing so is not necessary if the firearm is only for personal use. No need to mark it, register it, ask permission, or anything else as long as it is kept. Serialization necessary if sold.
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