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Wyosmith posted:
Also the DI system can be made into a more accurate gun than the piston system just because you can’t totally free-float a piston gun.
You're right that the DI system has the potential to be more accurate, but a DI gun can't be totally free-floated any more than a piston can; they both have a gas port and something that connects that gas port to the upper receiver.

buckhorn_cortez posted:
There is one advantage to a piston gun even in semi-auto rifles. If you use a supressor on the rifle, a DI rifle requires more lubrication as a larger amount of gas is directed back through the gas tube by the supressor. It is also possible to over gas a DI gun with a supressor. Those problems cannot happen in a piston gun.
If you have issues with getting gas in your face when using a DI gun with a suppressor, just switch to a heavier buffer. On the other hand, a suppressor is usually quieter on a DI system because with a piston there are hot, loud gases being vented near the gas port.
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