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I believe our country already has more than enough gun laws , many of which are blatantly unconstitutional. The anti-gun crowd is well known to create facts and figures that are absolute lies. For example, they have always tried to link crime with gun ownership. There are vast amounts of data that prove the reverse to be true. Look at the UK. Crime has risen so much since their draconian laws have gone into effect that their law enforcement has attempted to reclassify violent crimes in order to hide the true scope of the problem. If you truly want to eliminate crime, give everyone a weapon, train them properly, and allow them to carry it wherever they want. I will take a bold stance and say that you would see much violent crime nearly disappear. The real question here is why they feel it necessary to limit our right at all. It begs to ask what is the the true, ulterior motive behind the attempt to take away our right to keep and bear arms.
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