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Deer broadheads

Received my Crossbow, put it together, almost ready to zero it in.

Problem is I only have field points.

I hope this doesn't turn into the classic 9mm v. 40SW v. 45 ACP thread.

Shortwave was kind enough to take some time and talk some things over with me by phone today. That was good b/c all I really know is I need to get out of view(in a stand) and I need the deer to be close(inside 30 yds).

With all the knowledge I have, much of it imparted by Shortwave, this is what I am looking for:
Light, probably 100 grains. I noticed there are some 85 grain broadheads and may consider those. Keep velocity high and trajectory flat for shorter shots.

Mechanical and not the rubber band kind. I won't have a lot of time with this to practice, so i want the broadheads to match field point trajectory as much as possible. Shortwave suggested Redhead Gators
I like the way they work and they are only a few dollars more expensive than most of the fixed broadheads seem to be. Problem is they are only available from Bass Proshop and shipping will be $10 for 3-6 days. I'd rather avoid that. I have to drive to Columbus Friday and can either pass Bottom Dollar or Olde English on my way to Columbus. Both have decent archery shops and enough knowledge to get by. I will call them tomorrow and see what each has in stock. Anyone have a suggestion for a broadhead that is similar in design? I will also be passing Gander Mountain, Wal-Mart, Dicks, and a few other small shops I could call and ask about any specific broadhead.
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