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I don't want to drag this too far into fishing territory, but...

Here in the wonderful Gulf of Mexico i can tell you the problem with the fishing. Its the commercial fisherman who puts out 3 miles worth of hooks and kills everything they catch by the time its retrieved from the water its already dead. So there are millions of grouper, amber jack, king fish and many others that are juvenile fish that are killed for no good reason. Here in Fl they blame it on the recreational fisherman saying we have over fished the stocks not the commercial fisherman's fault who put millions of dollars in the governments hands.
My experience in Florida agrees with that.
For 3 years, I had a room mate that was a deck hand on three commercial boats out of Destin. I'll spare you the details of lost long-lines and blatantly illegal operations, but... He figured that for every legal fish they sold, there were 3 dead fish in the Gulf (out of season, not legal size, or partially eaten), and 3 fish sold on the black market (to make up for lost long-lines and leaders). And, that doesn't even take shark trips into account, where they'd just slice the fins off and toss the carcass.

But, commercial fishing and its dark side are a different subject.
Let's try to stick to the Pittman-Robertson funds being sequestered.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."
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