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$600 is a great price for a 329PD in good condition. I use the X-Frame grips and shoot BB Heavy .44 Special 185 grain. I also reload 200 grain XTP using 9.5-10 grains of Unique giving me about 1100-1200 fps (about the same as the BB loads). If you want a light load try 200 grain Blazer. Most other factory loads I tried in .44 magnum were pretty stout on the recoil in the 329PD. I found Federal 240 grain Hydrashoks and 240 grain BlackHills not as severe on recoil as Federal 180 grain JHP, Winchester 250 grain Partition Gold, Hornady 200 grain XTP, or Speer 210 grain GDHP. Recoil can be a big deal in this light weight revolver in my opinion. It comes down to individual sensitivity and ammunition chosen.

Note RE: above ... I got 1207 fps with Speer 270 grain GDSP and though the recoil pretty severe
............................ I got about 1250 fps with the 240 grain Black Hills and Federal loads and did find them moderate in recoil.

The 329PD is my carry revolver when I go into the outback. I got if for $700 on consignment from my local gunsmith and thought that was a good buy. I'd jump on one for $600 if a gunsmith had checked it over. Paul105 had a very good post on the 329PD I'm thinking. Good luck.

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