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They are actually proved to be tougher than Troy and some other more expensive steel BUIS in some drop/impact testing that I saw
That's debatable. The MBUS has a little advantage when dropped, because it's spring-loaded nature allows it to fold and absorb the blow somewhat, but as soon as that little spring breaks, you're left with a floppy piece of junk. In the torture test you saw (if it's the same one I saw), the Troy sight survived as well, with just a minor loss of zero. My guess is that with continued testing, the Troy Folding Battlesights would last long after the MBUS crapped out.

That said, I own both. The MBUS sights are great back-up sights, but the Troys are clearly superior, if only for the vastly better sight picture. The chunky squarish rear aperture of the MBUS really wrecks the sight picture, compared with the crisp and clean Troys, which are truly good enough to be used as primary sights.

I really like their redesign that has the dual aperture.
Unfortunately, the dual apertures on the MBUS sights (at least my example) are tough to use. You have to pry them apart with your thumbnail. Switching them in a hurry is definitely a no-go. The Troy dual apertures are much easier and quicker to use, though you have to make sure it is set back to the wide aperture before you fold them back down.

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