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I watched the video link and read the text, even though about half-way through I had to take an anti nausea medication to keep down dinner. The really disturbing part of the nonsense both of these men are spewing is that there are gun owners who will agree that these are common sense solutions that will have no impact on them. I am afraid Brian Pfleuger is right. Being able to give a thoughtful and compelling argument to those who would chip away at our freedoms, and being engaged enough to actually do so is far too rare.

The idea of broadening the definition of crimes and misdemeanors that would disqualify one from owning a gun scares the hell out me. Using demographics to predict potential criminal use of firearms is another frightening notion: Poor folk are far more likely to be involved in a violent situation, so having firearms is then more dangerous to them and the rest of us; minorities, way too dangerous; uneducated folk, risky at best; pickup driving, Walmart shopping, country folk, or any other group who are not enlightened enough to know that gun ownership should only be allowed by those who are approved by governmental agencies for our own good need not apply. If it weren't for that pesky Constitution, we could be as free, safe, and prosperous as the UK and the rest of Europe! If only we had more wise and learned Brits like Piers Morgan and elitist professors to point us in the proper direction...
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