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Just a little update:

My PSA "blem" lower arrived at my FFL today and my MOE lower build kit came today from PSA...i dont know who was rating these lowers that came out of that factory, but as i have heard from many people these PSA lowers are flawless...i looked over it for a good 10 minutes just wondering if i was going to find anything and it was beautiful...this must just be their excuse to get rid of some inventory at great price(59.99).

The MOE lower build kit from PSA inculded everything I am going to need to finish the lower when I am finally able to pick up my lower(about a week)...everything comes nicely bagged away and all the parts look well oiled...MOE stock and mil spec buffer tube also included...

I also ordered 10 nmhtg magazines, from what i have read are just about as good as they come as far as aluminum magazines go...i plan to buy 10 PMags as soon as i can build some cash back up...

cant wait to get this thing built, but now i just have to wait for the good ol state of MD and their lovely 7 day waiting period...

as soon as i get her done im going to post some pics

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