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Originally Posted by bulletproof View Post
The full power shots resemble mine, I see a sort of cloud around your dot in photo. I wonder why your dot is not red in the lowest power pic?

But, it's my notion that you can't capture a true replica of the view thru these scopes with a camera. I believe that these modern cameras, with all their enhancements, make the photos look better, maybe than they really do. I could be wrong, don't know for sure.?
But, by the same token, in the first pic in the full power setting, I was able to see the red cloudy halo, surrounding the red dot.
I agree it's likely not possible to capture what our eyes see when looking through these optics.

I would say that it's understandable that a halo would appear at higher brightness settings because of light bleed trying to over brighten a 4 moa dot, but I don't know what a high end optic looks like.

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