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Range Found Brass

Hope I don't get yelled at for asking this question, but your answers may change my future habits.

I have 3 Rifle ranges around where I live. I am a member at one and shoot League Trap at it. also do my rifle shooting at that same range. I have been at all ranges for comp. shooting.

Ok with all that in mind, Here is my dilemma. I went out on a brass excursion. I drive to each range and park so I am not blocking the gate. Walk around the small fence and proceed to pick up peoples left brasses.

I do NOT do this if anyone is at the range shooting. And I leave as soon as someone shows up to do some shooting.

The last time I went to a range (I am not a member at) I was by myself picking up brasses on the ground when a member showed up.

He knew what I was doing there with my 5 gal. bucket picking stuff up off the ground. He asked me if I was a member. Which I told him "NO." He then was telling me that I was Trespassing and I should leave. being a police officer in my previous life, I guess in a way, it is Trespassing. But I think of it this way; Would you call the cops for someone picking up your dog crap in your yard for their garden?

He then told me that I should leave before he changes his mind about contacting the Sheriffs Department.

If someone came to the range that I was a member at while I was shooting I wouldn't care. I would be a little mad that I didn't get the brasses first but I would also think to myself "First Come, First Serve"

What are your thoughts?
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