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Originally Posted by chrisintexas View Post
I am the poster of this topic.

After reading replies, I am baffled that why are suppressors/silencers do hard to get when they can protect irreparable damage done to ears by guns?
Short version:

The National Firearms Act in 1934 originally included a ban on handguns. They knew it couldn't pass. They dropped handguns and added silencers instead. Pure political maneuvering.

Now, Americans are convinced that silencers are evil devices only used by mafia hit men. In much of the rest of the world, silencers are REQUIRED on some guns. They're seen as the useful tools that they are rather than Hollywood assassins tools.
While that is a very astute analysis, I would also add that in 1934, the effects of gunfire on hearing were likely not widely known, if known at all, and thus the health benefits of silencers/suppressors were not considered when the law was written.
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