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Two deer hunting guns on me when its time to hunt.
Like I said before.. 25-06 Fine gun... Like I said before ^ that deer don't seem to bleed out much when I hit them with 117 Gr. Boat Tail. Very flat shooter and precise.
Gun 2: Marlin 336 Chambered for 35 Rem. 200 Gr. RN.

If I am looking for a long range shot, 25-06 is the way to go.
But if its up to 100 yds. My 35 has never failed.

Note on 25-06 117 gr. Looking at many different loads and bullet combos, This bullet is supposed to be the most expanded bullet for this gun. I Still Don't Love It... Not a big enough exit. If I do not hit the deer just perfect (neck or head) I have to hike a bit to make the find. On average 300 yds. Only did this two times. After the second time, I now only take neck or head.

35: Never had to go farther then 50 yards to find the shot deer.

I was in S.W.A.T. with my 25-06... Still if I had to defend my country from some foreign invader the 35 would be on my right. I trust my life to my 35.

From all of my experience, The Heavier Bullet Takes Animals down Faster. The expanding have to have something to do with this....

Why is the #1 deer hunting gun in the country have to be the 30-06 and not the 223? I believe that most hunter (subconsciously or not) know that the the 30 cal. bullet take deer down better then the .22.
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