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What chamberings are you loading and in what quantities?

I started out with RCBS equipment 37 years ago and still have my old RockChucker, but after owning Lee Pro-1000 progressives, I retired everything but my RCBS 10-10 scale and RCBS trickler and bought a Lee Classic Turret and am much happier now.

I don't load enough to justify a progressive and keeping track of multiple simultaneous operations was unnerving to me. Also, caliber swaps are much easier on a single stage or turret than on a progressive.

So, my presses are RCBS RockChucker single stage and Lee Classic Turret. The RockChucker has not seen any use for two years. The Lee Classic Turret takes care of everything. If I have a task the Lee cannot do, I will pull the RockChucker out, but so far no task has required that.

Here's the story of how I got there:

Your situation sounds similar to what mine was.

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