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I just went through this recently with AAA. With out giving to much away on the net of my guns and what I have . A simple rider for guns worked for me . I do not have any high dollar gun ($5,000+ each ) so they did not have to come out and inventory my guns . I am right at that border line limit and really over my policy limit compared to what my guns a worth . It was a trade off so they did not have to come and see what all I had . I will have to show recepts if I were to file a claim . I never asked if my policy covers theft or lose outside the home . Im going to check that out in the morning

There is something very VERY important everyone should check with there policy and there insurance company . That is , what all does the policy cover . It took me asking many times and many different service reps to find out that my regular polcy does not cover all the gun accessories . Like scopes , holsters , mags etc and if your like me thats alot . The individuel gun rider covers all aspects of the guns and accessories . Now when you include all my accessories I am way under insured .

I would say If your guns and accessories are worth more then $10,000 you will need the insurance company to come out and inventory your guns and accessories . Especially the ones you do not have recepts for .
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