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These are the people who vowed to crush the 2nd Amendment and alienate all of us from any part of the conversation 20 years ago.
Yes, as I’ve said before I do not believe we will see a full frontal attack, but various forms of stealth gun control. One of the strategies is what they term “reasonable restrictions”. They hope to use folks like this to deceive gun owners into accepting what they tell us is reasonable, but what are just more incremental steps to their ultimate goal. This article appeared on CNN’s WEB Site with absolutely no rebuttal or even a hint that everything said was not 100% true.

We must be rational and seek ways to educate ourselves and other gun owners. Also, even non-gun owners tend to support the 2A, so let’s take time to discuss the actual facts.
A major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that it ... gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.
- Milton Friedman
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