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Can't remember where I first came across this illustration. I know it was someone's blog, but can't seem to find the link anywhere. But it was brilliant, and it's stuck with me.

The story goes like this ...

I am sitting at a table in the park, smiling because I have a wonderful, delicious chocolate cake in front of me. I love cake!

A big, ugly-looking dude comes up and says, "Give me your cake. Now."

I say, "No! It's MY cake..."

He says, "Aww, you're right. Let's just ... compromise. I'll take half the cake, but you can keep the other half."

I say, "It's my cake..."

He says, "Don't be unreasonable. I have agreed to compromise with you even though I don't have to. I want the whole cake, but I'm only taking half."

He's bigger than I am, and looks like he could beat me up, so I give him half my cake. Call it a necessary compromise.

Five minutes later, dude comes back. There's chocolate icing on his lip. "Give me your cake," he says.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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