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Originally Posted by WWP spokesperson Aylay Hay

We welcome the opportunity to have a warrior on Mr. Gresham’s show to discuss how hunting or events of the like have supported their recovery... We responded too quickly to his request and should have delved a bit deeper.

Originally Posted by Tom Gresham's email to the company spokesperson, Ayla Hay

I would welcome any spokesperson from WWP on the show to talk specifically about the policy about firearms. I certainly will give you the floor to clarify your position. There are many questions, as you know. Nothing in my email exchange with Ms. Coleman was about cobranding. It was clear that the WWP would not appear on my radio show because we talk about firearms. That certainly is your prerogative. There is, however, much confusion with those who have donated to the Wounded Warrior Project (individuals and corporate donors) on what appears to be a discrepancy -- WWP will not appear at events or talk to media when it's about firearms, but WWP is okay with taking those donations.
Complete emails at the second link above.


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