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Well since it's a safety oriented thread, we'll let is slide this time.

I had one. I had been in on a group buy for a Ranch Dog Designed 6 cav Lee mould, a 350 gr GC 45/70 boolit. I had no data for a 350 so tried to extrapolate a powder charge for it using RX7. I settled on 50 grains and loaded 20 rounds up and off to the range I went. I chrony'd them @ 1886 from my Guide Gun and they shot one ragged hole at 50 yds. They were stiff for sure and especially from the bench. Great numbers and consistency though. 1886 FPS/60 FPS ES/3.6 SD! I was thrilled but had a sore shoulder.

I got one of you guys here on TFL to run it through Quik-load for me and as it turned out, they were up around 40K, basically proof loads for a Marlin.

The gun is fine, my shoulder healed. I dropped it to 40.0 grains and started over. 40 gr gave me 1612 FPS/106 ES/ 13.3 SD., and groups opened up. I had hoped to tighten the groups since it was a milder load now but not this time. With every bump of the powder after that the groups consistently tightened even more. I stopped around 1700 and called it good. It's an Elk load for sure. Scary how this load tightens groups the hotter it gets. It's still minute of Deer at 100 yds easy. This is the dumbest thing I've ever did reloading.
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