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The gun raffle for Tamara's nose.

SHORT FORM: One of us is uninsured and needs surgery for cancer on her nose, and there's an awesome series of raffles for guns and such.
Make the donation (by clicking the picture below and clicking on the PayPal logo at Tam's site), and send a screenshot to Jennifer at [email protected] , and tell her what raffle your donation goes to. She's a professional book keeper, and will keep this stuff straight.

Friends, a lot of you might not know Tamara, but the old timers here will, and those of y'all in the gun blog community probably do.

Tamara was a member here first in 2000, back when the place was still pretty new. I find this post from April, 2000. It wasn't long at all before she was a moderator here. Though she started with her interest in Glocks (I notice the sig line from back then), her interest was wide, and her immense knowledge of guns grew, so that she moved away from the concept of The One True Sword, and more toward the concept of It's Not The Kitchen, It's The Cook. She had a motorcycle wreck. She left gun sales. She started a couple of very good blogs. Dissatisfied with merely studying guns, she got into training pretty intensively.

She's the real deal. As I said here in my blog:
I'll tell you something about Tam: we need her more than she needs us.

Tamara has got a touch of basal cell carcinoma in her nose. And as much as that sucks, it sucks way worse when you don't have health insurance. Which she does not.

I don't know what the Moh's procedure costs to remove a chunk of your body and stitch it back up into a recognizable feature again, but it seems like you can't ask for a tissue at a hospital without it taking a severe hit on your yearly budget. Genuine surgery is dammit expensive to be paying out of pocket.

Here's the bleg:
Tamara has a tip jar on her blog. It's easy to use. I've used it before. If you click on it, you can donate directly to Tamara, with no middle man. Think of it this way: if she were in town, wouldn't you take her out for dinner and perhaps a beverage? What's dinner run, these days, at a place where you don't bus your own tables? $25? $30?

(Click on the above picture, which takes you to Tamara's blog. On the right side, you'll see that PayPal button. Click it. I can't link it here because each click creates a discrete URL for security reasons.)

Finally, this is for-real. This is not hearsay. This is a good friend, and I personally have seen the damage that the cancer has done to Tam's nose. Your money is going to a good cause. Seriously.
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