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What I did with all the 9mm...

A while back I posted asking what everyone did with all the 9mm brass they picked up. When I pick up range brass here is how I process it. First it gets washed in just plain water a couple times to get all the sand and dirt off it. Then it gets decapped before getting sonic cleaned. Once dry it goes through the tumbler to get polished.

Anyhow, here's what I did with mine.

All of this is 9mm brass that has been decapped, most of it has been sonic cleaned and sorted by headstamp. Front row left to right is Win, R-P, F C, CBC, S&B, Speer, WCC and W-W. Back row is all unsorted. Left to right is heavily tarnished, uncleaned (waiting for enough to run a batch) and cleaned brass that's anything other than the first eight headstamps (plus any nickel plated of any brand). There was about twice as much Win brass (the tub was full) but I gave around 1100 to my friend. This roughly shows the distribution by head stamp of the stuff I'm picking up.

While my son was hospitalized and after his passing I needed something to keep me busy and allow me not to have to think. Sorting 5-6K of 9mm brass by hand, one at a time, helped.

I did the same with the .40 S&W brass. With this there is about 40% each of Win and R-P, a bit less than 10% each of Federal and Speer with a few others in the mix. Again the heavily tarnished brass has been set aside. At some point I will get a pin tumbler, probably for Christmas, and then we'll see how that tarnish holds up to some stainless steel.
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