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I like the Meps. Funny story. I dropped off my 1911 to get Meps on it and it seems that they were out of Meps so just went ahead and decided to install red & yellow Tru-Glos on it. I went to pick it up and immediately noticed they were not Meps. I inquired about the off brand when I had requested Meps and he casually says they were out of Meps so he went with the Tru-glos...I hate to be a nit-picker but this was big! I wanted green and got red & yellow?

I asked if I could step in their bathroom to look at them in the dark, they said yes. I couldn't see them at arms length! I had to pull it in to a Murray Gardner position (basically a weaver pulled way in closer) to be able to see the glow. I told them about this and he laughed and said no way! I made him go see and then he agreed they were no good. They did get mad at having to change them again (staked on), but I don't care. They had my phone number and never even gave me a call. I got my Meps eventually and am a happy camper now.
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