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The big price difference is worth it. RCBS equipment can't be touched by Lee. Many people report no problems using Lee equipment and I don't think they lie. I think they are mechanically inclined and don't mind tweaking and fiddling with the equipment to get it to run right. Others who are not so mechanically inclined are the ones who report problems and frustration with Lee equipment.

So the thought is that if you are the first type, you could be happy with Lee equipment, but if you're the second type, or would rather spend your time reloading with no'd be better off paying the piper and getting solid trouble-free equipment, i.e., RCBS.

RCBS also seems to have better customer service than Lee, similar to Dillons no BS warranty. I've read Richard Lee on another board arguing with a guy about a 15 dollar die and why he wouldn't warranty it...?? That blew my mind. A 15 dollar die and a long diatribe over so little. That's been a few years ago, perhaps Mr. Lee has calmed down since then, lol.

I have a 28 yr old Rockchucker, bought new, never ever a single problem with it. I have two Dillon 550B's also, but I only load 223 on one and 45acp on the other, everything else gets loaded on the RC. Nada problem with the Dillons either.

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