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Dillon 550b primer issue:

1. sometimes the shuttle does not pick up a primer
2. Sometimes the shuttle picks up a primer but the primer is up side down or is sideways
3. Sometimes the primer shuttle sticks in the open position
4. Sometimes the primers cannot be seated fully in the case
5. Live primers seem to be showing up everywhere (under the sheelholder, in the pathway to the primer shuttle, etc.
6. the live primers don't seem to be centered in the brass piece that seats them in the case when the ram arm is pushed forward

I have taken the primer assembly off several times and no resolution yet. The primer storage rod and plastic feeder seems to be in the press correctly.


Page 9 of the manual is a start on how to set the adjustment screw and such.

They come shipped set up for large primers, you have to change the system out for small.

If all else is correct change out the plastic tip on the tube and just snugg the retainer collar down. I am talking about just enough to take out any slack, use the primer warning alarm to keep it from backing off further. Crank down on the collar and you'll just mess up another tip.
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