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Originally Posted by Edward429451
That seems like a good system. My system is to be always condition 1. The only time it's not is when it is dis-assembled for cleaning. As soon as it's clean, chambered again and back in the holster. My 1911 has been condition 1 for 99.2% of the time since it was bought new in 1984 with no probs with the spring and never had a ND with it.
Mine are seldom out of condition 1 either.

Originally Posted by amd6547
I use a similar system, with one exception.
Any time I pick up my 1911, whether for carry, cleaning, storage, or simple appreciation, I press check the chamber...regardless of visual cues.
It is the same system I use with ANY firearm.
I guess the more I think about it, the more I'm certain that the reason I began this 'system', personal preference, or whatever it is, is so I could be certain of what I needed to do to get my 1911 firing, since that was my primary SD handgun for so many years. I don't have to check any of my firearms. I keep them all loaded, all the time.
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