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The only cartridges with which I have become disenchanted are those which are touted by certain individuals as the "be all and end all"....or something like that.

I more or less refer to the phenomenon I call "magnum creep". In the old days, a 30-30 or 30-06, etc, etc, was sufficient to kill deer. Then, the magnum craze began. Suddenly, nothing less than a 300 Win. mag or 7mm mag, etc, etc. would do. Then, the magnum market exploded with all kinds of "new" and silly (yes, I said "silly") cartridge variations, because whitetail deer had (apparently) suddenly evolved to be equipped with armour plating.

A bunch of nonsense, IMO.

The same has happened with handguns and handgun cartridges. The lowly old 38 Special now couldn't penetrate a T-shirt....according to many... even though it was apparently perfectly adequate to stop bad guys for decades (and those bad guys don't wear any more clothes now than before...and have NOT evolved to have armour plating, either). The 9mm Para will now only bounce off a bad guy, like a tennis ball on a sidewalk (eyes rolling). Only a 40 S&W, 10 mm auto, or bigger will now do (again, eyes rolling). Next year, only a 50 S&W or a 480 Ruger will be big enough.

What's next, a 20mm cannon ? A 120mm fin-stabilised, discarding sabot, high velocity, spent uranium tipped penetrator......for home defense (or concealed carry) ???

This trend is SILLY. Period. The most important issue is TRAINING and SHOT PLACEMENT. It ALWAYS has been.....and ALWAYS will be. Period.

So, with what cartridges am I disenchanted ? Actually none - I don't blame the cartridge - I blame the ninny who is obsessed with it.

OK, so I am fully aware that I'll now get FLAMED to death by all of the lovers and defenders of the "bigger is now absolutely imperative" trend. So, go ahead.....let me have it (right in the kisser) ! It should be good for a laugh.....
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