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I also own a couple of Glocks and LOVE everything about them. I would really like to use either the 19 or the 23 as an EDC, but with them being striker fired and the fact that I carry AIWB, it makes me a little nervous and therefore I don't CC them. The Kahr CM9 is alsp striker fired, but the striker is only partially cocked (I really hope this is correct) and requires a much longer trigger pull and makes me feel better about AIWB carry.
The Glock is as safe, if not safer, to carry with a round in the chamber. It has a half-cocked striker as well; the Kahr is just one of many designs that mimic a lot of the Glock's features. The Glock trigger is lighter and shorter, but it also has the safety in the face of the trigger that lessens the chance of an accidental discharge if something snags the trigger. But it's virtually impossible for either a Kahr or Glock to fire unless you pull the trigger, so just make sure you have a holster that protects the trigger guard and you're good to go.

In my opinion the Kahr trigger is too long has a terrible reset that basically encourages you to slap the trigger, but obviously many people like it.
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