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@Crow Hunter... Are you sure...
Very sure, the mount is one piece... there is no separate side plate. The dovetail slides on lengthways and actually requires the bolts removed to do this. There is a machined slit cut upwards running lengthways in the base which allows the two bolts to pull the two sides together to clamp around the rail... so it's actually bending them in—not that it is visible. When I mounted the scope with this mount, the mount was so precise that no windage adjustment to zero the factory zeroed crosshairs in the Nikon scope was necessary... literally shot a group less than an inch wide and high... dead nuts center.

But my Q now is do I stay with the A2 handle or go with the MBUS? Neither will be able to stay in place with the scope on, or when I wish to swap to irons. Unless I change the mount.

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