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So how many fishermen have you talked to? My impression from speaking to at least one (former) fishing boat captain is that the problem with the fishing industry is that they're running out of fish. Fishermen from the Chesapeake Bay have gone as far as the Gulf of Mexico to fish. It's not rocket science.
Here in the wonderful Gulf of Mexico i can tell you the problem with the fishing. Its the commercial fisherman who puts out 3 miles worth of hooks and kills everything they catch by the time its retrieved from the water its already dead. So there are millions of grouper, amber jack, king fish and many others that are juvenile fish that are killed for no good reason. Here in Fl they blame it on the recreational fisherman saying we have over fished the stocks not the commercial fisherman's fault who put millions of dollars in the governments hands. Florida is also one of the states that has the most public hunting lands available for use by the public and some of the best maintained areas i have visited. That is slowly coming to an end as the piggy bank is emptied they are beginning to clear cut the lands for the timber for the cash. Of course this is all just my observation on whats going on here. I would also suggest if your states offer lifetime hunting and fishing licenses that you buy them. I have them for myself and children and since we already have them they cover any additional permits or fees that may be applied to our wonderful sport. Hows that fiscal cliff looking now. Looks really close if you ask me.
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