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Because of this and the fact that I'm a fairly large individual myself (6'4" and 300+lbs) I would feel fairly confident in thinking that while I'm probably among the least likely to be attacked in the first place, should I have to actually use a gun in self-defense it would likely be against an attacker that is at least roughly equal in size to me, if not substantially larger.

This constable was a big guy too.
And he was also conducting traffic stops and searching for drugs too, none of which do I have plans to engage in. Constable Lunsford wasn't killed because he was a big guy, he was killed because he backed three dangerous men into a corner when he found the drugs they were smuggling. Because I'm not a cop, I'm not going to be backing anyone into a corner by searching for their drugs so, while tragic, the death of Constable Lunsford really means very little to me.

Originally posted by Glenn E. Meyer
Big guy - came up in Insights knife class. Instructor was a little guy. Student was big guy who said he didn't have much to worry about.

Teacher, with training knife, came close and 'stabbed' him in the stomach several times in a second or two. Said you can run into little crazy guys.

I worked on a case where a big guy got into an argument with a little old man. The latter took a paring knife (like to peel an apple) and stuck it into big guy's chest. Big guy was hit a magic spot and dropped stone cold dead. Little old man was on drugs.
Well, I figure that any bullet that will work well on a big guy will most likely work just as well, if not better, on a little guy even if he is crazy
It's not the big guys you have to worry about in general anyway. As a rule of thumb they have never had to fight much. Rule of thumb, as in not always the case. The little guys have not had the luxury of having an intimidating presence to back folks off. They might have an intimidating reputation, but you have to earn that one. If you are in a situation where some scrawny dude has no fear and won't back down you may well be in for a ride. The real big guy on the other hand might just reconsider once you do not kow tow to his mighty presence and he knows he may have to back up the check his mouth has been writing. This is only my personal experience however. Those little scrappy guys can be real trouble with a capital T.
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