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44mag - Too much recoil and too heavy in available platforms. Expensive even handloading.
With jacketed bullets this may be true. I can handload my own hardcast boolits for about 4.00 a box of 50 rounds. Rounds comparable to BB's barn burners, the ones you speak of when you wrote too heavy recoil. When I do another component buy (primers and powder) the price may go up to 5 bucks or so depending on cost. I'm still working through a stockpile of old lead wheel weights though. If/when I have to actually start buying lead then I expect my cost per boolit to up above a penny apiece then. Just pointing out that those near dollar apiece 44 Mags can be brought down to...well 8 cents apiece right now.

A 25 acp may be very cool in a Ruger #1. I'm thinking 5000 fps (sic)
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