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I believe that qualifies as "sorting".
Yeah, it does, doesn't it...

Just trying to make a distinction, I've read guys post about sorting cases by a couple tenths of a grain (talking like 7mm/.30 cal and up here) and then loading them separately, seeking differences in accuracy. I don't go to that extent, I just choose to lose the cases that are out of my "margin of error". To me, brass is cheap, for cripes sake. I spend $.30-$.40 per bullet, I'm not gonna worry about brass costs- it's the cheapest part of shooting. I can't help but shake my head when I read the lengths some guys go to trying to "not" buy new brass...

I've only got so much time to spend (or rather, willing to spend) on such pursuits. Being a realist, I know my best chance at ringing that 5" gong at 600 yards is time best spent elsewhere, other than certain things I view as inconsequential at the level I'm capable of shooting.

Once I saw a nondescript shooter consistently hit an egg at 600 yards with a nondescript rifle, and handloads he described as nothing out of the ordinary, I became a firm believer that nothing matters more than time driving the rifle.
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