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Just wanted to relay my experience with shipping a long gun (shotgun) today.
AimPro Tactical on their website suggests FedEx Ground. Went to FedEx and was told (and shown in their shipping rules book) that all firearms are required to be sent Express Overnight (now over $130 from $20 something). I explained it wasn't a handgun and was shown that all firearms cannot be sent ground. I read extensively on the internet that people do this via FedEx ground all the time, so I looked up on FedEx's website and sure enough it states that FedEx Ground can only ship firearms between FFL's (meaning both parties have to have an FFL). So after reading online I went to the US Post Office and was prepared to ship the item via Priority Mail Registered from what I read online. The postal clerk read up and after confirming verbally it was not a handgun (it's a felony just carrying a handgun into a post office) and was unloaded and I stated the receipient has a Manufacterer's FFL, I was able to send it via Priority Mail and registered (adds $10.95) was not required, just recommened (but she advised me not to send it registered because I would have had to remove all the clear tape and use the special paper tape that you wet to send it registered). So with insurance it came out to about $52 to ship via USPS Priority Mail for the 10lbs. 6oz. box.

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