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Aside from the basic brushs, solvents etc. What are the "needed" tools to properly clean an AR-15. Thinking more along the lines of getting the carbon deposits out of those hard to reach tubes and recesses. Any of the carbon scraper/removers worth the cost or just old school bronze brushes, solvent and elbow grease.
I don't think any of the special tools are necessary to properly maintain an AR. I use a good old fashioned rod, some patches, a toothbrush or cleaning brush, and rags. Treat the bore like you would any other rifle. Then spray down the BCG and chamber really well, let it soak or use the brush to scrub lightly, and then wipe down and re-lube. The only place I give much special attention on my AR's is the bolt and lugs, and any kind of cleaning brush or toothbrush works more than adequate for that. I agree with Pat Rogers who says, "If it takes you more than 10 minutes then you're doing it wrong."

There's another thread on the same subject going on now here. It's simply a myth that an AR needs to be immaculately clean to function reliably.
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