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This is what I'm using. I couldn't be happier. The 1X is much faster to use up close than even 1.5X. I didn't think it would really matter, but it did. 4X is very useable at ranges beyond 200 yards if you need some longish range precision. If you think you need more precision, or will shoot at longer ranges a 2-7 makes sense, but I'd still pay a little more for the Leupold over the Redfield. I have the Redfield, it is a great scope for the money, but the VX-1 is better for only $20 more.

There are some good scopes out with glass as good as the Leupold selling for only a little less, but I much prefer the VX-1 Leupolds for other features that the competition in the same price range do not offer. Leupolds are smaller, lighter, have far more eye relief, lifetime no questions asked wrranty and they can be sent to the custom shop for turrets, custom reticles etc if you desire.
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