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Several weeks ago I picked up a Rossi Ranch hand. It’s actually sold as a pistol. Last weekend I took it out for the first time. I shot everything from 44 special to factory 44 mag to some of my Ruger only loads that are top end of the loading chart with H110.
I shot 20 of the Ruger only and although the barrel got hot it worked well. After shooting 200 rounds in one setting I would say that Rossi does make a very good product. My only complaint was the lack of smoothness of the lever action and the fact to get the loading ramp to lift the next round you do have to smack the lever forward to its stop. Being limp wristed will not bring the next round up.
Surprising with the gun held out in front of me I was able to hold 4 inches at 25 yards which is what I consider max range for this gun.
The most impressive thing with this gun is the sound.
Never owned a Rossi before this and never gave them much thought. I like this gun.
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