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Some states, I think, demand background checks at shows for private sales. Correct me if I'm wrong. Most don't. Sales from FFLs are controlled

If things were to be passed (which I doubt), the ones that probably have traction are:

1. Requiring NICS at shows for private sales.

2. Some limit on larger capacity mags. That's stupid as the available supply of such makes stopping new ones meaningless. That was found out in the first AWB. Proposing confiscation is going to be a horror for those who propose such.

Those who propose new restrictions have little idea about actual efficacy or implementation. I suppose they could pull off the NICS for private sales at shows but that's about it.

I don't fault those who lost a loved one or had a tragedy like Giffords. However, they really don't think through how what they want would be done.

It's similar to demanding a return to prohibition if your loved one was killed by a DUI.

The suggested measures wouldn't impact crime in the slightest. We know that from the AWB period.
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