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After spending much time working with wood and its related finishings i have come to one all encompasing realization...PREP! The amount of time spent sanding will make even a piece of poplar look better than cocobolo done poorly. Hit it with some 120 grit with a vibratory finish sander, working up to 300 or so. Tack cloth and spray with air hose to get all the dust off. You can use an epoxy finish but the process of mixing the epoxy (usually) creates micro bubbles in the material. These can be removed with a heat gun after application but before cure. Epoxy takes pratice, High gloss polyurethane works as well just be sure to wet sand with 400-600 grit and tack cloth between coats with a light coat initially.

To sum it up preparation is the key to finish. If you feel uncomfortable then practice on some scrap before you begin.

Hope it helps!
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