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Just when I thought raj had a hard on for Hornady now he is having difficulty with his new Dillon. Go figure.
Maybe he got 2 lemons but maybe not.

I have had mine well over 4 years and 6000 rounds and no real difficulties.

Read the manual, go online and get some practical advice, DON'T dick with the pawl adjustments unless you like frustration and pain (or really understand how they work--there is a great post here or on 6mmBR forum explaining exactly what each pawl does and why----read it and understand it before you go turning stuff as a very very small adjustment is usually all that is needed)

Keep the primer station clean- a can of compressed air or fine paintbrush is your friend.

Unlike some, I have had exemplary service from CS at Hornady even when I buggered up something they say, no problem, and send the proper parts and advice.


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