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My own personal 1911 chamber condition indicators.

1) If one of my 1911 type pistols is cocked and locked, there is one in the chamber and the magazine is loaded. 100% certainty on my part.

2) If one of my 1911 type pistols has the hammer all the way down, the chamber and magazine are loaded.

3) If one of my 1911 type pistols is on half cock, it means the chamber is empty and the magazine is loaded. So I know at a glance I need to rack the slide.

4) If one of my 1911 type pistols is locked back with the slide stop its empty. No way to confuse that with a loaded chamber.

I didn't even think much about my little system till recently. I've done that for years and years and it works out well. I can instantly tell what condition my 1911 type pistols are really in by a quick glance. I never for instance leave one lying around my safe, or anywhere else, unless they are actually in the condition that matches their visual appearance. Thats the whole point I'm trying to make. Most all of us know Col. Cooper's 0-4 1911 Carry Conditions. This is different, it is a loaded chamber indicator, for a pistol that doesn't have one.

This will work with other exposed hammer, single action semi-autos as well.

Some of you may wonder why I would have a 1911 in Condition 2, or Condition 3. Well, I hardly ever do, but there are certain situations where for safetys sake I keep them that way. I question the value and safety of Condition 2 for all the reasons Cooper expressed, one could practice racking the slide from Condition 3 and be nearly as quick as cocking the hammer. While being safer in the process.

Anyway, irrespective of Conditions 2 and 3, if I look at one of my 1911s and it appears to be in for example Condition 1, you can bet your bottom dollar, that it really is.
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