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I have had several hi $$ custom IPSC Limited guns. I got to say my Kimber Grand Raptor 2 is as accurate, feeds every thing and is smooth as glass. I paid twice or three times as much and I am not sure my customs are any better in any category like fit and finish, accuracy, etc....
I can confidently say the Colt Gunsite model I was thinking of buying as a great deal became available couldnt touch the quality of the Kimber. It was such a good deal, but it needed gunsmithing work to bring it up to EDC duty. It had a GI grade accuracy with sloppy fit and finish and was ammo picky. I passed on the gun. My GR2 is too pretty to beat up so I dont carry my GR2 all the time and if I did, I would get a more durable finish.

I think the Ceramic Coating on the DW Valor is a good choice for EDC and should hold up well to sweat and abuse.

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