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By weight alone, on pistol ammo, this pry wont work. I work for a comercial. reloader and we had a press malufunction, had to replace some parts, in the process, a round didnt get a powder charge and fell into the try with the finished rounds. Crap, off to the scale, we weighed every one and pulled the 10 lightest rounds just knowing it was one of those 10. no such luck. Got about half weigh though the box of about 125 rounds when we found it, got to like the hammer pullers....... We were loading 45 acp, mixed brass with a 230 grain precision delta bullet.

Their normaly is not enough consitancy in weights of pistol rounds to find a over or under charge, and sometimes no charge even, as far as missing primers, i see those right away as they leave a trail of powder under them every where they go........
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