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Minevan, I deleted the thread you started in the General Discussion forum. This (L&CR) is the better forum to discuss issues and action.

Also, you might want to remember that we don't clutter up the board with duplicate posts and threads.

Now, on to the subject at hand.

Back in Sept. of 2010, the NRA filed two lawsuits in Texas to address this very issue. These cases are not going well - You can find links in the 2A Cases thread that is stickied near the top of this forum. They are cases number 27 and 28.

The NRA has a problem (though we are seeing less of this, of late, as their attorneys learn) with these cases. Primarily, the right to keep and bear outside the home has not been established by the judiciary (regardless of what we think). Until that happens, cases like this will fail and worse, possibly cause bad case-law/rulings to become precedent.

In order for your petition to have any meaning, certain portions of 18 USC 922 must be overturned by the courts or modified by the legislature. Under current precedence, the law will not be overturned.
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