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If money is no option get the Ed Brown but really you have 3 levels of 1911s and they are not really comparable IMHO.

The Ed Brown is a very nice Semi-custom that has some of the best overal fit and finish in its class. It is pricey but many consider it worth the extra cash. At this level you are getting premium parts and premium fit and finish. They are as much a work of art and a functioning tool.

The Colt is a high end production pistol. It represents some of the best that Colt can do before you get to their custom shop but it is still a production pistol and will not have the same amount of hand fitting and care that goes into a Ed Brown. You get a solid foundation in terms of parts. Mainly forged with a few MIM parts here and there.

The Kimber is nothing but a pretty production pistol made to look like the other 2. This guns will have 12+ MIM parts and their forgings do not meet the same quality level as Colt or Brown. They will look nice but they are a distant 3rd behind the other two. IMHO they are not even on the lead lap with the other 2.
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