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Originally posted by Nanuk
Because of this and the fact that I'm a fairly large individual myself (6'4" and 300+lbs) I would feel fairly confident in thinking that while I'm probably among the least likely to be attacked in the first place, should I have to actually use a gun in self-defense it would likely be against an attacker that is at least roughly equal in size to me, if not substantially larger.

This constable was a big guy too.
And he was also conducting traffic stops and searching for drugs too, none of which do I have plans to engage in. Constable Lunsford wasn't killed because he was a big guy, he was killed because he backed three dangerous men into a corner when he found the drugs they were smuggling. Because I'm not a cop, I'm not going to be backing anyone into a corner by searching for their drugs so, while tragic, the death of Constable Lunsford really means very little to me.

Originally posted by Glenn E. Meyer
Big guy - came up in Insights knife class. Instructor was a little guy. Student was big guy who said he didn't have much to worry about.

Teacher, with training knife, came close and 'stabbed' him in the stomach several times in a second or two. Said you can run into little crazy guys.

I worked on a case where a big guy got into an argument with a little old man. The latter took a paring knife (like to peel an apple) and stuck it into big guy's chest. Big guy was hit a magic spot and dropped stone cold dead. Little old man was on drugs.
Well, I figure that any bullet that will work well on a big guy will most likely work just as well, if not better, on a little guy even if he is crazy.
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