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I've seen at least 4 guns blown up in the last year ....all by single stage press users too..../ one just 3 weeks ago ..( a 1911 in .45 acp ) which is a really easy caliber to reload...and very I don't think you can generalize.

Ronbert made some good remarks on primer feeds....but if the OP hasn't talked to Dillon's customer service people yet....he has to be missing something in the setup process in the manual that he's done wrong..../ none of the Dillon presses inherently have primer feeding issues like he's experiencing...

( ...Just as a note: ...even though I have lots of experience...I mistakenly left a large primer feed system in the press when I was changing calibers to a small pistol primer...) ...and I was having inverted primers, seating issues, etc ....until I took everything apart again...and double checked everything .../ and I have since clearly labeled with masking tape.....Large Pistol ..and Small Pistol primer systems) none of us are immune from making mistakes....
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